The Brand

Hey Guys,

Lillie here, the owner of Action Pact Clothing. Keep reading if you want to find out how the brand started and where its heading...

Where it all began.

Action Pact is a UK born independent brand that was founded in 2002 by my parents. Originally set up as a kiting shop, Action Pact was well known for its distribution of 'boys toys'.

In 2007 Action Pact closed their doors to the public when a new exciting opportunity was presented to my parents.

Fast-forward 11 years

My 17 year old self decided to re launch the brand with a whole new meaning. In November 2018 I got started with planning my first clothing line. I have always been passionate about clothing design and eventually running my own business so when the opportunity was right in front of my face I just had to take it.

 Over my first 2 years I learnt so much about the brand and the message I wanted it to represent. I tried so many different styles before I found the path I wanted to go down, I turned my mums kitchen into a tie dye factory, the top floor of my dads shop became my office and I learnt that a sewing machine can do so much more than your average straight stitch. Don't get me wrong, I made so many mistakes but I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

Note: Never be friends with someone who doesn't support your goals

You may think that 2 years is a really long time to decide what you want your brand to be but it really isn't. If you told me when I was 17 that it would take 2 years before I had a clear idea of what I wanted Action Pact to be I probably wouldn't have believed you or even followed through with it. But, now I've lived through it I wouldn't trade the lessons I've learnt and the people I've met along the way for anything.

So what is my 'clear idea' ?


Sustainability is so important to me, especially with the way the world is heading right now. Did you know: Eight million tons of plastic is dumped at sea every single year? That's a heck of a lot of plastic bags. We have changed how we pack and present our products so that everything is 100% biodegradable. There's no planet B right?


Quality and Comfort come hand in hand, you'll struggle to have one without the other. I want to focus on good quality products that make you feel the 'Christmas eve on the sofa with a hot chocolate' kind of comfort every single day. Thick fabrics from ethical manufacturers with a super soft touch, now if that doesn't sound like comfort then I don't know what does.


I really want every single person to feel confident in Action Pact products. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, Action Pact is for EVERYONE. If my own personality didn't shine through this brand then I don't think it would exist. I feel like you can really tell how passionate I am about getting this right and that's what is so important to me. I want people to open the website and just feel like who they are is enough and they can be anyone they want to be when in their Action Pact Clothing.

Congrats if you've made is this far. I know its a lot to read but when someone asks a question you need to give them the full answer right?  If you have any questions about the brand or even want some advice on starting your own just drop me a message on Instagram. I'm always happy to help anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and go for their goals.

Note: There is no better feeling than helping someone else reach their goals

Thank you for supporting Action Pact so far and I can't wait to show you what's coming next.

- SEE YOU IN 2021 -

Lots of love,

Lil x